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Dr. Kohli"s Giloy powder 200g

Tinospora cordifolia


Other Names:  Giloy, Guduchi, Gurjo, Amrita, Amruta, Amritavallari, Rasayani, Devnirmita, Gulvel, Vatsadani, Jwarari, Bahuchinna

Scientific Name: Tinospora cordifolia

Origin : Tropical areas of India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka

Botanical Description Of Plants:  Giloy Plant is deciduous, large and extensively spreading climbing shrub with numerous elongated twining branches and typical greenish yellow flowers.

Parts Used : Stem, Leaves, Roots

Medicinal Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic (that reduce fever), Immune Boosters.  

Traditional , Ayurvedice Uses, Theoretical Uses : To reduce fever, To improve immunity, To detox the body, To balance blood sugar levels, To control high cholesterol level, To improve digestion.

Doses: Ayurvedic practioner recommends half teaspoon twice daily with warm water after meal.

Precautions: Avoid consumption of Giloy if you are allergic to Giloy, Breastfeeding,  Pregnant, If you are taking diabetic or immunosuppressants medicine.

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