Eleven years ago I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that has left me with re-occurring severe neck and shoulder pain as well as TMJ syndrome from the accident; an inflammation of the joint connecting the jawbone to the skull. If anyone out there has suffered from this, you know how incredibly painful it can be. All of these problems combined with the frequent migraines I suffer from, can leave me incapacitated. No matter how much Tylenol, Advil or muscle relaxants I take, nothing seems to make the pain and pressure go away. Not to mention, the side effects of all of these drugs are another thing to worry about.
I had finally had enough. Two months ago I phoned Dr. Kohli to see if he could help me. I have known Dr. Kohli for almost 13 years and he has helped me with other issues. When I went in to see Dr. Kolhi he was incredibly kind and listened to all of my complaints and worries. Unlike other doctors that are quick to say, take a muscle relaxer, he exuded much kindness and took my concerns seriously.
Dr. Kohli suggested I try his Muscle & Joint Pain Oil for treating my migraines, TMJ, neck and shoulder pain. I used it the next morning and I could not believe the results, it’s the BEST thing I could have done. After spending the week prior suffering from pain, stiffness and headaches, it felt like a dream. After I began using his oil my muscles felt relaxed and I finally felt at ease. I use the Oil on my neck, shoulders and anywhere else I ache and it takes the pain right away. I used to use hot patches and hot/cold gels from the store but none of these products have managed to achieve what Dr. Kohli’s Oil has. No muscle relaxant can cause my TMJ syndrome to calm down like this Oil can.
My significant other has also tried this Oil on his neck. He recently had neck surgery and therefore experiences very sore neck muscles. After applying the Oil on his neck, not only did it alleviate the pain, he had one of the most restful sleeps that evening. One of the first times he’s been able to sleep properly since his surgery.
My recommendation, try Dr. Kohli’s product. You’ll never want to go back to your other pain relievers. I am very lucky and thankful to have found an amazing doctor like Dr. Kohli. Life’s a lot better without the pain. Thanks Dr. Kolhi!!!

— Kiki

I am really impressed with your acne cream. It has done wonder for me.
— Rekha

Looking at the ingredients of Dr. Kohli’s Muscle & Joint Oil, I strongly feel that this formulation might go along with in service of patients having symptoms of rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis), joint pain and inflammation due to sprains. The basic of this claim is the vast literature dealing in traditional medicine where almost all the constituents of the formulation are believed to be very effective in dealing with the mentioned problems.
— A. Koul, PhD – University Professor, India

I really like your fairness cream. i am using this cream since 1 year, actually someone gave me this gift. My color is really fair now, much then before.
— H P

I had used Herbal Face Pack, It is so effective. I love it and also I had recommended to my lot of friends. Its Great. I give full marks. Thanks.
— Nikita 

My entire life I have had extremely thin hair. I have used many diffrent products, including prescription drugs with minimal success. My mother gave me some herbal hair oil about 3 months ago. Since using it, the thickness of my hair has increased dramatically. I could see the results as early as 1 week. I now can style my hair the way I want without the worry of thin hair. 
— Steve S 

Due to the recurring problem of medicines having severe side effects, it is very important to have complementary and alternative approach for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other disorders. Dr. Kohli’s Muscle and Joint Pain Oil seems to have the potential without having side effects. Moreover, the low concentration and use regimens are not going to give any problem unless otherwise they are being used for open wounds or in psoriasis. I enthusiastically recommend the use of Dr. Kohli’s Muscle and Pain Oil for the treatment of the symptoms of rheumatism, joint pain and inflammation due to sprains.
— Dr. D.P.S. Chauhan PhD – University Professor of Medicine, USA

I have arthritis of the knees. I massaged your Muscle & Joint Pain oil and started feeling relief immediately! I was previously taking pain killers for this and was still not able to walk even to do my day to day activities at home. Now I am pain free for 24 hours and can go about my daily routine normally.
— S M

“Thank you Dr. Kohli for creating a product that is not only safe but all natural alternative to the mainstream treatment(s) for acne. For over last 5 years, my face has gone through cycles of acne breakouts. I have tried almost every cream recommended by the dermatologist but realised that my skin gets very dry through the consistent use of chemicals in these creams/medications. I believe that the facial skin ends up suffering more due to the harsh reaction induced by these chemicals as they trigger redness, peeling and extreme dryness. Dr. Kohli’s acne-n-pimple cream provides good protection for acne breakouts and regular use promotes clear skin. It is also a great barrier to use under makeup to prevent further clogging and containing the infection.
N Gill, Brampton, Ontario.
— N Gill

I recently injured my right knee when I fell on a small patch of ice. I could walk and bend my knee but the pain was excruciating.
A friend introduced me to a bottle of “Herbal Muscle & Joint Oil” formulated by Dr. Kohli, which I used according to the directions on the back of the bottle. Within a few days the acute pain had dissipated.
Four weeks later I am almost pain-free except for mild discomfort on rare occasion (during damp weather or following over exertion). At such times I return to use of Dr. Kohli’s oil. It provides soothing comfort and quick relief. Best of all, ingredients are all natural. I certainly recommend this product to anyone and give thanks to Dr. Kohli and certainly to my friend.
— Brenda P. Brampton, ON

I find that Dr. Kohli’s Muscle & Joint Oil helps me enormously. My leg is affected by post polio and it feels enormously fatigued by the end of the day and I also feel knee joint pain.
I been using this oil for a month now at bedtime and I feel my fatigue is much relieved by the morning. When I don’t use it I still feel fatigued in the morning. Also the knee joint pain is greatly reduced by it.
I have tried many other therapies for the last 2 years and found no relief.
This oil works great for me!!
— Gurdip

At the end of the day i used to get extreme fatigue in my legs, when i applied Dr. Kohli muscle and joint oil I felt so much relief in the morning. I am very much satisfied with this product.
— Ahmar Abbas

I typically am very critical to believing the curing effects of herbal medications, as many of them are sold for the sole purpose (in my opinion) of making the company rich. But with Dr Kohli’s muscle & joint pain oil my reluctance was replaced with surprise upon experiencing the healing effect. For years I’d been suffering from weather-related joint pains, most of them being a consequence of athletic injuries. I had tried several common rubbing compounds with little success. But Dr Kohli’s muscle & joint pain oil is much better! It provides relief within minutes, and for this I’m very happy. Additionally, this oil doesn’t emit unpleasant smells, so it won’t make people around you uncomfortable. I highly recommend this product!
— S Szpala, Ph.D.

Both my husband and I suffer with back and joint pain, we have tried so many different remedies, but nothing really seemed to help, until I was introduced to Dr Kohlis Herbal Muscle and joint oil. We now use it on a regular basis and find that the aches and pains are melted away by this product, I have recommended this to many of my friends who also have found it a great help and relief to the joint pain. The other day I smashed my knee into the corner of a table and was in excruciating pain, I could feel my knee starting to swell so I rubbed some of the oil over it. With in hours the pain and swelling was gone and there was no bruising. I was truly impressed. Thanks Melanie B Vancouver, BC
— Melanie B 

I have carefully gone through the ingredients of ‘Dr. Kohli’s Muscle & Joint Pain Oil’. It is a polyherbal formulation including 14 herbs in a base of Sesame and Canola oils. All the herbal oils used in the formulation are tried and tested medicines in the well established Indian Traditional System of Medicine Ayurved. Dr. Kohli’s Muscle & Joint Pain Oil, meant for topical use, is a perfect combination of herbal oils with great potential of relieving inflammation and pain.
— Dr A Sharma M. Pharm., Ph.D. – Professor of Pharmacognosy, India