Our Team

Gagan Kaur Gagan Kaur


Gagan Is the President and Head of Operations for Dr. Kohli’s Bio-Balance Remedies Inc.. She has over 20 years of experience in the management of contract manufacturing, private labelling and research and development of natural health products.



Vice President Abhishek Bhasin

Abhishek Bhasin

Vice President

(Sales and Marketing)

Abhishek is head of Sales and Marketing and International Growth.  He has an extensive health and business background and his interdisciplinary experience is a great asset to the company.

Dr. DV Rai

Dr. D.V. Rai

Scientific Consultant

Dr. D.V. Rai is a biomedical scientist, accomplished researcher, academician, administrator and visionary of great repute of interdisciplinary science, Engineering and Technology.  He brings over four decades of teaching and administrative experience. Dr. Rai’s research, including phytoceutical research, and teaching association with various universities ranges from Simon Fraser University, Canada; Loma Linda University, California; Louisiana State University Medical Centre.

Dr. Ish Handa

Dr. Handa

Ayurvedic Consultant

Dr. Handa is an Ayurvedic doctor and certified naturopath and yoga consultant.  He has extensive experience in herbal formulation for different products and is involved in ongoing research for kidney failure and heart issues.