Amba Haldi Powder ( Wild Turmeric )
Amba Haldi Powder - Dr. Kohli's Herbal Products

Amba Haldi Powder ( Wild Turmeric )

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Dr.Kohli's herbal products Amba haldi powder 200g

Common Names : Amba Haldi, Mango- Ginger,  Wild Turmeric, Mango Turmeric, Ama Haldi, Ban Halsi, Amba Halad, White Turmeric,  Jungli Haldi, Kasturi Haldi, Daarchob

Botanical Name : Curcuma amada

Origin : India

Parts Used : Rhizome

Background: Amba Haldi is also known as Mango ginger. It is closely related to Turmeric with a mango taste.  Amba haldi is rich in antioxident and great for immunity.

Precautions : Consult a health care practitioner before using any herbs or herbal products. 

The information provided here is for educational purpose and has not been evaluated by health canada.



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