Role of Hair Oil massage on scalp to prevent Hair loss

People around the globe are suffering from adverse effects of hair loss and searching for safe solutions. Healthy, full hair is considered an integral sign of beauty. In turn, hair loss may induce associated conditions like anxiety and stress. 

Treating the root cause by undergoing the correct therapy helps in preventing hair loss. The knowledge shared in Ayurveda has some classical and scientifically proven external and internal measures for hair care. Dr. Kohli's Herbl Hair Oil is following the genuine Ayurveda method for assuring a completely healthy hair and scalp. The Herbal Hair Oil, if used as per instructions prevents hair loss for men and women irrespective of their age category.

 Etiology of Hair loss

Hair loss is caused due to various internal and external etiology. Family history of hair loss, anxiety, stress and chemical treatments include the external causes. Consumption of sour, salt, alcohol etc. in excess may also lead to this condition.

 Various diseases including hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, cancer treatment and certain medicine usage also may show symptoms of hair loss. The male and female baldness or loss of hair is called as Androgenetic Alopecia. Hair loss is described as the uprooting of hair follicles from the scalp. A healthy scalp and healthy hair roots prevent hair loss. 

 Signs of Hair Loss

  Ayurveda uses the term “Khalithyam for general baldness”. Ayurveda categorizes baldness under “diseases of scalp”. The doshas namely Pitta and Vata disbalance leads to the condition of severe hair loss. Maintaining a healthy scalp by using external measures like Hair oil massage of scalp will prevent hair loss.

 Hair loss is initially noticeable during hair styling, combing or brushing. Hair loss begins with loss of thickness due to uprooting of hair. In males hair loss starts from forehead and in case of females, the whole scalp may get affected.

Hair oil massage to prevent Hair loss

  Scalp massage is one among the proven measure for improving circulation of scalp area for assuring supply of essential nutrients to the hair roots. The role of hair oil scalp massage is an an internal as well as external support to prevent hair loss.

Apply our hair oil all over the scalp gently with an applicator or with finger tips - two hours before hair washing. The application should follow with a proper self-massage of the scalp for assuring the best results. For optimum results,  use Dr. Kohli’s Herbal Hair Oil three times a week for beautiful, fuller, healthy hair!

Dr. Kohli’s Herbal Hair Oil - Ayurvedic Management of Hair Loss

Ayurveda is the main natural measure in the hair care. You may have heard the term “Indian Hair is the Best Hair”. There is a reason for that - Indians have been oiling their hair for centuries. Dr.Kohli's Products specializes in Ayurvedic care.  Their research and product development is clearly visible in Dr. Kohli’s Herbal Hair Oil for management of hair loss.

The Ayurvedic hair oil is a product  developed and based on ancient Ayurvedic references and clinical publications. Strengthening of hair follicles, hair fibres and assuring a healthy scalp are the benefits of their unique hair care formula. Hair oil massage can be used for both men and women of any age category to prevent hair loss. Dr.Kohli's Herbal Hair Oil combines an age old formulation of eight different herbs and nine different oils specifically beneficial for hair - a safe, alternative  solution without side effects of harsh chemicals!