Role of Ayurveda for the management of Erectile Dysfunction.

Family bonds are built on the basis of mental, physical and spiritual relationships between partners. Erectile dysfunction is one among the serious conditions that affect many families. Erectile dysfunction or ED, rarely called as impotence, is the inability in men to maintain proper erection of the primary sexual organ or penis during intercourse. 

 Ayurvedic correlation of Erectile dysfunction is Klaibyam. Charaka Samhita, one among the oldest Ayurveda treatises has detailed description of various sexual disorders. Ayurveda has explained different measures for the management of Erectile dysfunction through external as well as internal treatments. Dr. Kohli's Herbal Products has contributed by adding a range of remedies for successful management of erectile dysfunction.

Ayurvedic aspect of physiology of erection

 Vasodilation within the erectile tissue named corpora cavernosum and corpus spongiosum leads to the erection of penis. Ayurveda explains erection on the basis of doshas or humors. Vata dosha along  with Pitta dosha plays a major role in the erection. The region below the umbilicus is predominated by Vata dosha and controls all the actions including sexual acts.

The types of male sexual dysfunctions

  • Primary Erectile Dysfunction- An individual who has never attained erection for the purpose of sexual intercourse is called primary erectile dysfunction.
  • Secondary Erectile Dysfunction- In an individual, if he is unable to maintain erection, but he has attained the erection for sexual intercourse once in a lifetime, is categorized under secondary erectile dysfunction.
  • Premature Ejaculation or Rapid Ejaculation- The inability to delay the ejaculation from 30 seconds to one minute is called premature ejaculation.
  • Inhibited Ejaculation or Delayed Ejaculation or Ejaculatory incompetence- Delay in ejaculation time from 30 minutes to 1 hour can be observed in certain individuals, which is called as Inhibited or Delayed Ejaculation and 
  • Low Libido – The lack of interest in sexual acts is called as Libido. These are the major types of male sexual dysfunctions. 

Ayurveda has proven solutions for male sexual dysfunctions. Among the above mentioned male sexual erectile dysfunctions, erectile dysfunctions are observed more compared to other categories and need high level medical attention. The symptoms of erectile dysfunction must be assessed by a medical expert for proper understanding and treatment.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Mental and physical overexertion
  • Lack of interest in partner
  • Drug induced ( medications, tobacco etc.)
  • Trauma or injury of the Pelvic area
  • Physiological disturbances
  • Diseases and certain medical conditions- Thyroid disorders, cardiovascular system disorder and endocrine system disorder  like diabetes mellitus may lead to a state of erectile dysfunction. The conditions like obesity, anxiety and stress also have been included under the causes of ED.
  • Decrease in testosterone hormone and 
  • Congenital conditions are various causes of Erectile dysfunction.

 Ayurveda has included Anemia, heart diseases, breathing disorders and certain liver diseases also as the causes of Erectile dysfunction.

Ayurvedic management of Erectile dysfunction

 Vajikarana chikitsa (Aphrodisiac treatment measure is one among the Ashtanga or eight branches of Ayurveda) and Rasayana chikitsa ( Rejuvenation treatment measures) are used in combination for treating Erectile dysfunction in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic methods of external and internal treatments are essential for attaining successful results. 

 The treatment methods include,

    • Decoction or suitable medicine intake as per requirement.
    • Purvakarma or preparatory procedures before Panchakarma, including medicated steam bath, various oil application processes like medicated oil massage(Abhyangam), medicated bolus massage(Kizhi) and oil application over head region (Shirodhara).
  • Panchakarma methods like Virechanam (Purgation) and Vasthi (Enema) are the two major treatments used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
      • Vajikarana methods and Rasayana methods are done after proper cleansing of body and mind through Panchakarma treatments. Dr. Kohli’s Ashwagandha Capsule (Withania somnifera) and Dr. Kohli’s Shilajit Capsule (Black asphaltum) are the two Vajikarana (Aphrodisiac) and Rasayana (Rejuvenative) combinations which are having proven results in the management of Erectile dysfunction. A special combination of the two products -  Ashwagandha Capsule, 2 capsules 2 times per day along with 1 Shilajit Capsule capsule 2 times per day, for a period of 90 days can be used for successful management of erectile dysfunction. The best result can be attained by the intake of these medicines with milk, one hour after morning and evening meals. The above combination also helps as an anti-aging, sleep improving, stress and anxiety relieving agent. Dr. Kohli’s products are Health Canada certified with correct dosing in an easy to take capsule form.
  • Single drug therapy using Garlic (Allium sativum) , Saffron (Crocus sativus) etc. has also given great results in the management of erectile dysfunction.

    Follow Ayurveda and live your life in a lively way

    A permanent solution and complete cure can be assured through Ayurvedic management, which assures a person to live a lively life. Dr.Kohli's Herbal Products is highly successful in providing great results to our followers through completely natural measures.The role of Ayurveda for the management of erectile dysfunction is a peerless milestone for people suffering from impotence.  The choice is yours – whether to have a completely natural healing vs phosphodiesterase inhibitors with various side effects.


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