Ayurvedic Oils

When massaged, these specialized Ayurvedic oils can aid your health. Dr. Kohli’s Oils can help hair regrowth, muscle and joint pain, and psoriasis.


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Muscle & Joint Pain Oil

Are you suffering from: ARTHRITIS? KNEE PAIN? BACK PAIN? After years of research and experience, Dr. Kohli has developed a special herbal formulation that specifically targets muscle and joint pain. Dr Kohli’s Muscle and Joint Pain Oil is a poly herbal topical formulation for the management of pain associated with rheumatism (arthritis, back ache), sprains and inflammation.

Herbal Hair Oil

A unique herbal formula which contains pure essential oils and herbal extracts to nourish your hair roots, fight dandruff and leave it soft, shiny and full of life. Regular use of hair oil may promote regrowth.

Dr. Kohli's Femitone

Dr Kohli’s Femitone is an unique herbal Iron and vitamin tonic balanced with range of herbal extracts for Maintenance of good health and beauty. This tonic is non-constipating and has a good taste.