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Amla Powder Use effect  advantage for hair treatment Amla Powder

People use Amla for hair’s good health, seeing its green color”? No, we have NOT lost it, read why. You feel ecstatic and positive when the traffic light’s signal turns green, isn’t it? That’s because psychologists say that color green is symbolic of safety, growth, reliability and of course, healthiness. If you want the same impact of color green on your hair too, then you should use Indian Gooseberry on it. BECAUSE, Green color fruits and vegetables have a wide variety of nutrients. Don’t believe us? Then tell us why you are being asked to eat ‘green leafy vegetables’ huh?
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Amla belongs to Malacca Tree and is considered as a “superfood” due to its multiple benefits for health, hair and beauty. Amla is rich in Vitamin C, various antioxidants, minerals, iron and other nutrition.

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Benefits of Amla for Hair

Amla is one ingredient that is used in various Ayurveda hair care products. Amla’s benefits for hair are known from years, and that’s why amla got extensive use in hair products. Here is the list of benefits of amla for your hair:

1) Controlling Hair Loss & Hair Fall

One of the common reasons behind hair fall is iron deficiency. This is why women are usually diagnosed with anemia. The irony is; it’s only the women who complain about hair break, the most!

Amla does have iron in it and it is also full of Vitamin C that is essential for absorbing iron into the body.

2) Stimulating Hair GrowthVitamin C of Amla produces collagen protein. This helps in stimulating hair growth, both length and volume wise. Collagens replace the dead cells of hair follicles with new hair cells.

No tree/plant have ever grown without seeds. Hair follicles are like the seeds of our hair. It then gives rise to our hair roots, hair shaft, hair tip and its other parts.

It is said that no plant/tree can grow if its seeds are unproductive. Even a well-watered plant may even die if termites eat its roots. Hence, for looking after the underground hair follicles and hair roots, Alma’s Vitamin C can be of use. That’s because Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that gets quickly absorbed by the body.

3) Hair Strengthening

Vitamin C of Amla helps in avoiding hair thinning, baldness, and hair weakness. A fit hair is the one that has the strength to fight all the hair problems. Hence, hair strengthening is a way to get an ‘ideal hair’.

No king has ever won a war without his army troops. The same way, Vitamin C is assisted by various minerals, nutrients, amino acids, and antioxidants, etc. That helps Amla in fighting against all the hair weakening factors.

4) Removing Dandruff from Scalp

It‘s a well-known fact that Vitamin C is found in lemon and other citrus fruits. Though lemons are commonly pictured on the bottle covers of various Anti-Dandruff Shampoos, but we think Amla surpasses lemon when it comes to ‘overall’ hair care.

Amla’s Vitamin C, its anti-inflammatory plus its anti-bacterial properties can stop dandruff and also the itching caused by it, on the scalp.

5) Regulating Head’s Blood Circulation

Besides using Amla for Hair Growth, scalp massaging with Amla oil also help us in sleeping well. Head’s blood circulation can only be improved with hair massages, at regular intervals.

Vitamin C is made of up to 54.50 percent, oxygen. After all, a good blood circulation system in a body means the proper supply of oxygen to different body parts.

6) Conditioning Hair

One Amla fruit contains up to 81.2 percent of moisture content in it. Those with dry hair, now you know what to do. And if you have a sticky hair, then Amla Powder will effortlessly soak in all the excess oil present on your scalp, along with conditioning it.

7) Adding Shine to Hair

Do you know how hair glows? Mirror shines when it reflects light. The same way, your hair cuticles are the mirrors of your hair. Their nature is like the mouth of a fish, which keeps on opening and closing.

Cuticles of hair look similar to roof shingles and your hair are surrounded by them. Closed cuticles are the flat cuticles that make your hair shiny. While opened cuticles make your hair look dull.

You can get closed cuticles by giving moisture to your hair. Moisture acts as an adhesive that keeps the cuticles, down and closed. Didn’t we tell you that high level of moisture is present on Amla fruit?

If they get opened along with getting dull hair, your hair’s inner layers (i.e. medulla and cortex) would also get prone to damages.

8) Prevention of Hair Greying

Amla powder for white hair coloring isn’t the only option left now. You can use Amla in various forms like in oil, juice, pickle and even in candy form to give back your hair, its ‘young color’. In addition to this Amla for gray hair a.k.a. Lightening hair can be used for darkening it. Okay, but have you ever wondered WHY we are saying so!

Just like skin, even our hair has three layers. The first layer of hair is that of ‘Hair Cuticles’, about which we have gossiped a lot above. Hair Cuticle is the ‘protective’ outermost layer of hair. BUT WAIT, to whom is it providing its protection, anyways?

Hair Cuticles mainly protects ‘Cortex’ of our hair.  In Cortex layer of our hair, our hair’s melanins are present. Melanin, the mighty coloring pigment, can change our hair color from black to gray and even to white if it desires!

Cortex is also the place where all our hair’s moisture is stored.

So how our hair’s moisture has an effect on our hair color?

Reducing melanin results in greying and whitening of hair. Moisture determines the porosity (i.e. absorption capacity) of our hair cells. Hair moisture makes it capable of holding melanin pigments.

A plant starts turning brown if it’s not watered. Same is the case with hair. Our hair starts looking brown, especially when we don’t oil it properly.

Those suffering from premature hair greying, we hope you have carefully read our words. Your hair needs moisture.

The same rule applies to those whose hair is whitening /graying due to biologically natural aging. You also need moisture, as then only your hair will be able to hold the color of hair dyes, mehndi, and henna, etc. for a long time.

The third layer is ‘Medulla’ whose function and importance is still a mystery. It is mainly found in old and coarse hair, and we are sure, it also serves a purpose towards our hair.

9) Destroying Split-Ends

We have just told you above the cuticles keep on opening and closing like a fish’s mouth.

Split ends are a result of peeling of opened cuticles. Amla has enough moisture in it that can prevent cuticles from wearing off. This way, your split ends problem can also be solved.

10) Banishing Hair Odor and Germs

All rotting things have an odor. Guess that’s why garbage dumping grounds’ smell is unbearable! Anyways, at times when we don’t get to wash our hair timely, it starts smelling funny, right? As all the sweat, sebum, dirt and dust form a team on our scalp.

Amla and its anti-microbial properties, will not just banish hair odor but it will also remove the germs sticking on your hair. A regular shampoo might probably make your hair fragrant, but how would you know if germs causing that smell are gone too?

11) Prevention of Hair Damages

The antioxidants present in Amla, shields our hair from various hair damages, caused due to it by dust, pollution, smoke, and hair styling tools , etc.

Antioxidants are more like hair vaccines to prevent hair damages. At the same time, they serve as an antibiotic of hair, to heal the hair damages that have already taken place.

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